The vast range of  Beers

The vast range of  Beers

Beer is a drink adored by millions around the world. The hallucination of holiday is incomplete without a beer. The aroma of beer creates an unimaginable ambiance. Can you imagine a festival or event without it? Beer is sold in cans, bottle and glasses. Everyone loves to visit relaxed, cozy and laid back bars or pubs with a vast range of beers from mainstream beers to specialty craft beers. Many breweries (companies who make the beer commercially) provide various ranges of beers, priding themselves on award winning results. A bar must contain a suitable range of quality beers in order to cater for the wide tastes.

In order to understand the vast range of beer, we need to understand the type of beer available. Every continent and regions have various types of beers depending upon their environment and demographic. The major ones are Ales, Lagers, Malt, Stouts & Porters.

Initially, the term ‘ale’ was used for small beer sometimes called table and mild beer. Even in the medieval era the majority of people, including children, consumed some form of beer daily. The ale is a beer made by using the warm fermentation method.  Modern Ale is typically fermented (turning some of the juice into alcohol) between 15-24 C (60-75 F). There are typically ten types of ales present in the world. Normally, vigorous and complex with a variety of fruits and malt aroma, ales come in many varieties.  Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Golden Ale, Scotch Ale, Barley Ale, Mild Ale, Burton Ale, Old ale, Belgian Ale, India Pale Ale (IPA). Ales differ depending on the level of alcohol, color and bitterness, which determine their strength level and character. Among all these Ales, Pale Ale is the most popular. It is made from the malts, dried with coke and is of a light color.

Lagers derived from the  German word lagern means “to store”. This beer is made by the method of storing the beer for several months in freezing temperature. It comes in different varieties from sweet to bitter and from pale, gold, amber to dark. There are basically three types of lager; Pale lager, Vienna lager and Dark lager. Among these three pale lager is the most commercially available variety of beer and is used by big brands like Budweiser, Corona, Fosters, Carlsberg, Heineken, Miller, Stella Artois and  Brahma.

Malt mainly includes grain or seed of the barley plant. Normally dark in color, sweeter in flavor, it normally contains hints of caramel, toffee and nuts. These are low alcohol beers.

Stouts & Porters beers have a very small difference between them. Stout is a dark beer made from roasted malt, hops, water and yeast. Whereas, Porter is also a  dark beer, but made from brown malt. Different varieties of stouts and port include baltic porter, milk stout, and imperial Stout. The most widespread variety is dry stout, an example being Guinness, which is the world’s best selling stout.

It is tough and impossible to consider a world without beer, from poor to rich, everyone can afford to celebrate their days with beer.

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