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As every celebration needs a toast, without opening a bottle or two of champagne celebrations are considered incomplete. Champagne is considered as a symbol of  celebration. It is also termed as a drink  of  happiness, of celebration, and lavishness. The united kingdom is the biggest exporter of champagne.

Let me take you to the world of champagne, a little lump of knowledge you  can share with your friends. The  history of champagne has seen the evolution of wine from being a pale , pinkish to sparkling wine. In 1676, in England, a term known as  Champagne, the sparkling wine,  first came into use. After the invention of wine, further fermentation of wine results in  the making of  Champagne. To enlighten you further, champagne is both a place (a region of northeastern France)  and a wine. Moreover, a luminous wine  produced in this region  can be called champagne, but  any  bubbly  wine produced in any other region of France or around the World cannot be legally  termed as  Champagne, although it can be called as sparkling wine. In 1891, the treaty of Madrid institutes this rule and the treaty of Versailles reaffirmed it.

Glasses of champagne

In the 5th century, the Romans first planted a vineyard in the champagne area. This area was mainly related to the selling of wool and the local wine was offered as a  free inducement to buy wool. Being the hub for commerce, the champagne area witnessed  lots of changes in the area. Be it civil wars  or World wars, this area remains  the place of  special interest. During both World wars, champagne houses were forced to produce maximum wines for their masters in Germany. The  production of champagne increased during WWII. Champagne is also known as sparkling wine and has been made by various methods, with the oldest process known as Champenoise. The grapes are fermented  and put into the bottles with yeast and sugar. This new  yeast  works on sugar  and make a new product know as “ lees”. The  bottles are stored horizontally for more than fifteen months. After the process, the  winemakers turn the bottle upside down in order to settle the lees at the bottom. After settlement of yeast, the bottle is opened to remove the yeast and add a sugar to determine the sweetness before being corked. The champagne region is more cooler than the rest of the France which is perfect for champagne grapes.

Have a drink

Earlier champagne was used  for the  launching of ships. Nowadays a new trend has been created for the use of champagne to celebrate spoting wins, celebrate their victory by spraying the champagne on each other. An amazing fact is that in twenty one James Bond  movies, Champagne has been consumed thirty five times. The reputation and accomplishment of champagne has encouraged  many  impersonators like Cava in Spain and Sekt in Germany. The demand and hence the price of champagne kept on rising over time. The image of champagne is so mesmerising and luring  that  it  is impossible to  consider  a  world with champagne.  As long as celebrations of victory, happiness and enjoyment are present, the  need for champagne is impossible to eliminate.

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